Family Gallery
As we travel we are getting to go to different places where family live and stay for a few months. What an interesting experience to be there for birthdays, holidays, sports, plays and all the other things that are part of our daily lives. We feel blessed to be able to attend so many with those we love.

Family 1

Katie's Graduation PSU
Spending time with family no matter what the event is a gift to be treasured. Sharing in such a wonderful moment such as a graduation is marking time with love. Congrats to Katie!

Family 2

Katelyns's visit to San Francisco
The excitement of visiting a new city and exploring all it has to offer with friends and family made this trip awesome. Yes in San Francisco there are sidewalks that are stairs as they are so steep.

Family 3

New Jersey Relatives
Michael & I stayed with my Uncle and his cat Gus while in NJ exploring NYC and Long Island. While Michael was working in the Philly area I was able to visit my cousin Karen and her girls and grandkids. We had a blast!

Family 4
Going home to Long Island
Visiting the area you knew as home for more than 35 years was a trip back in time to see and feel how I have changed and how Long Island has changed in all these years. I love the change for it is what it is.

Family 5
Deven's visit December 2008
Deven flew into Los Angelos to stay with us in Anaheim knowing that we were going to be moving the motorhome to San Diego while he was with us. We spent the week enjoying all the festivities of the season!

Family 6

Christmas in San Diego 2008
Spending time at the Holidays with family is so much fun. Seeing the children so excited about "Santa" coming. My brother told me this year though my nephew, Chance, was counting down the days until Aunt Nancy got there, it is so wonderful to be loved.

Family 7
Skiing in Vail with Deven 2009
Michael's family has had a time share in Vale since the 70's. It has been a ritual to go snowboarding with his son every year. This year was no exception to an awesome time. Different friends from Denver joined us during the week and the highlight of that was when Deven tried to ski on Stuart's skis and Stuart tried Deven's snowboard.

Family 8
Arizona Family Spring 2009
What fun it was to be able to meet and reconnect with some of Michaels family in Phoenix for a few months. Nothing compares to time spent with loved ones and we feel really blessed to have been there for so many family activities.

Family 9
Deven & Lyndsey visit Arisona
Arizona in the winter is a wonderful place to be. Deven & Lyndsey visited us in March 2009 while we were in Mesa. As we explored Prescott, Jerome and Sedona the sights were amazing. Also being in the spring training capital we had to go see a Rockies game.

Family 10
Scott & Holly Engagement Party
Yes our children grow up to become beautiful people. I am so happy to be gaining a daughter in law as wonderful as Holly.